Most parents know about the Boy and Girl Scouts, but few know about a new upstart children’s organization: the Navy SEALs Pups. Eric Davis, former Navy SEAL and author of “Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned from Their Training and Taught to Their Sons,” took a program known as “the Pups” that he saw at his time in Colorado and created a program that children can participate in nationwide.
He hopes that one day, Pups can grow into a organizational structure akin to the the Boy and Girl Scouts.
Unlike those organizations, he has been teaching his kids how to use the skills that U.S. Special Forces members like Navy SEALs use.
Davis said, “I’ve been doing the same things I did as a SEAL but in a cool way for the kids around me.”
“Instead of weaving a basket or something like that, I’m going to teach them how to build a sniper hide,” Davis said. “I’ve been teaching my kids camouflage and concealment, I’ve been doing a water confidence course and teaching them drown proofing.”
Take a look at the video below to see his full explanation of his program.

The full original report can be read on SOFREP’s website linked here.

June 8th, 2016

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