HOHENFELS, Germany — For the U.S. Special Forces to remain to most effective operators on Earth, they must engage in vigorous training exercises in unfamiliar locations. That is why for the first half of June, The 3rd Special Forces Group, together with the German 31st Airborne Regiment, simulated shaping missions during a conflict near the fictional Atropia/Ariana border as part of exercise Swift Response 16 held at the Hohenfels Training Area.
According to the U.S. Army website, Swift Response is one of a series of near-simultaneous exercises in eastern Europe this summer that demonstrates U.S. and allied capabilities and further supports assurance and deterrence measures in the region. The airborne jumps and seizure of key terrain and bridge-crossings will set the stage in Poland for the multi-national land force exercise Anakonda, as well as enabling the passage of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment as they move through the region toward exercise Saber Strike in the Baltics.
“We establish the scenario to have the two elements [SOF and conventional forces] working in a single environment,” Major Bobby Temple told Shadow Spear. “It’s hitting the two birds; the primary piece is to have SOF and conventional forces integration, interoperability and interdependence, and the secondary piece is SOF capability development.”
“I think a myth might be that we’re like shadow warriors… and that we’re fully aware of every threat out there in the world,” Sgt. Maj. Timo Braese, with the German 31st Airborne Regiment said. “The reality is… you still have to be very proficient and have that right mindset, and to do that you have to stay in training. This is why we’re here.”
You can read the full original report on Swift Response 16 on Shadow Spear’s website linked here.

July 12th, 2016

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