TAMPA, Fla. — In honor of International Special Forces Week, a U.S. task force made up of Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Army Green Berets was joined by teams from Ireland and Jordan in a dazzling training exercise in downtown Tampa, Florida. The “mission” was to rescue the city’s Mayor Bob Buckhorn who was captured by pirates and held ashore at the convention center just off the bay.
According to a Washington Post reporter that witnessed the exercise, “thousands of spectators watched from nearby rooftops, party boats and bar patios, as Black Hawk helicopters supported by smaller gunships and fast-moving riverine craft descended on the area.”
The very public exercise was a rare glimpse into the jobs of those who keep our country safe while operating in secrecy. “A lot of what we do is a bit secretive, we don’t really advertise much of what we do and there is a reason for it,” U.S. Special Forces Lt. Col. Chris Robeshaw said during a press conference. “I think … this is maybe a stark reminder that there are young men and women out there putting themselves at risk.”
The “mission”, which was considered a success, lasted about 30 minutes is put on every year as part of he Special Forces Industry Conference. The meeting generally hosts over 12,000 people and lasts three days. Special Operations personnel and companies showcase the latest technologies available to both U.S. troops and their international allies, all of which culminates in the showcase training exercise.
A video report of the training mission – courtesy of the Washington Post – can be seen below.

The full original report on the Tampa exercise can be read on the Washington Post’s website.

May 27th, 2016

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