Robbers make the grave mistake of attacking McDonald’s loaded with Special Ops troops

BESANCON, France — On Sunday, two French robbers tried to rob a McDonald’s that contained eleven special forces soldiers. Needless to say, that effort did not go well for the criminals at all.

The attempted robbery occurred Sunday night in the small town of Besancon, France. The robbers entered the restaurant and fired a shotgun in the air. Little did they know, that some of France’s most skilled fighters had patronized the McDonald’s that night.

The French troops did not act right away; their priority was keeping the other patrons safe. Instead, they waited for the robbers to grab the money from the register. On the way out, one of the perpetrators tripped, and the soldiers jumped on the opportunity.

At that point, the Special Forces members restrained the first robber on the ground and ordered the second to drop his weapon. When robber number two failed to comply, he was shot in the stomach by one of the troops.

According to the British paper The Telegraph, “During the hold-up, the gendarmes didn’t do anything.” Local prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot said, “It was out of the question to use their weapons, as this would have created difficulties and could have placed many people’s lives in danger.”

The full original report can be read on WPXI’s website here.