Not all of America’s heroes walk on two legs. In fact, U.S. Military dogs are some of the country’s most important soldiers overseas. From sniffing for bombs to keeping soldiers company, America’s canine troops provide a valuable skill set that no other soldier can.
Unfortunately, many service dogs are separated from their military handlers when they retire. Although the handlers have “top priority” many factors often prevent that from happening.
Molly Oliver, a veteran flight attendant for United Airlines, has made reuniting these heroes her life’s mission. “I love the dogs, and I love the military that has protected my freedom my whole life,” she said. Her latest beneficiary is a former bomb-sniffing dog who saved countless lives in the Middle East.
Taylor, a yellow lab known as Tay-Tay, served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. She was so effective at sniffing out bombs and saving American lives that the Taliban put a bounty on her head.
Oliver delivered Taylor back to her owner on her own dime, even paying for the dog to sit in first class.
“It’s like a part of me was missing,” Army dog handler Sergeant Tom Hanson said. “Getting her back now will make me whole again.”
The full original report can be read on NBC Nightly News’ Facebook page here.

June 23rd, 2016

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