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Xtreme Concepts, Inc. understands that today’s innovation is the key to tomorrow’s answers. The XCI Research and Development Division identifies and develops new and emerging technology and integrates it into deployable security solutions for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement.

XCI Research and Development Services Provides:


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What sets us apart is our definition of investing. We provide more than capital—we add value. The Xtreme Concepts, Inc. founders and other key professionals began their careers as entrepreneurs and business operators. XCI was founded on the belief that growing businesses need more than capital to achieve their full potential.


We partner with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages in the highest-growth segments of the technology market, where history demonstrates the best rates of return. We invest not just the most we can, but the amount that makes the most sense for the business. Our investment gives the fund a meaningful ownership position, but more importantly, it reflects the actual needs and true value of the company.


We provide hands-on management support to guide our portfolio companies through the challenges of early growth. In subsequent financing rounds, we work with trusted colleagues at other top-tier funds to build valuable syndicates for your company. Our financial strength allows us to participate for the long term. We believe our focus and experience mitigates risk, and we hope our values create shared success.

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