A new report from Tech Crunch reveals that U.S. special operators might soon be using some new technology to communicate. After using android for quite some time, the nations most skilled warriors could be making the switch to iOS.
The report initially came from a source “not authorized to talk to the media” who spoke with DoDBuzz. Reportedly, the android device that operates as “the brain” of the Tactical Assault Kit has major issues including lags, freezes, and the constant need to restart; the iPhone 6S, apparently, is faster and smoother.
According to the anonymous source, the Apple device has much better performance on the app needed to watch live drone stream videos. “It’s seamless on the iPhone. The graphics are clear, unbelievable,” the source said.
If special forces make the switch, ATAC will become iTAC – at least one would think.
According to the International Business Times, “The USASOC iPhone Tactical Assault Kits feature a smartphone connected to a Harris AN/PRC 152A handheld networked radio which enables small unit leaders to keep track of their location, and that of their soldiers, using icons on a digital map – they also allow leaders to speak to other units across different waveforms.”
No official announcement has been made yet by U.S. Special Operations Command.
The full original report from Tech Crunch can be read on the link below.
(H/T Tech Crunch)

July 19th, 2016

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