Drone technology has transformed the nature of land and air warfare; now the same technology is taking to the seas. The new Sea WASP, developed by Saab, has the ability to detect mines deep below the water’s surface that could potentially save thousands of lives aboard U.S. ships.
Sea WASP stands for “Waterborne Anti-IED Security Platform.” According to a report from Popular Science, the device requires two people to operate. “The robot is tethered, with 500 feet of cord to let it explore depths of up to 200 feet,” the evaluation reads. “On land, the whole 5.5-foot long machine weighs about 200 pounds. It has forward-looking sonar, several sensors for depth and navigation, and two cameras: a big one on the front of the vehicle, and another one on the grabber arm.”
In a press release, Swedish manufacturer Saab stated “Sea Wasp represents a significant change in underwater operations against IEDs and similar threats by allowing bomb technicians to conduct underwater intervention for both improvised and conventional munitions. Designed to be operated by a small EOD/IEDD team the system can easily be configured to meet the specific requirements of any mission.”
The image above is a concept picture of the WASP courtesy of Saab.
Popular Science’s original report can be read on their website here.

May 20th, 2016

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