Defense contractor Polaris announced the launch of their new high-performance MRZR turbo diesel (MRZR-D) this week that will mainly be used by U.S. Special Forces. They will be pilot tested in a training exercise in Poland scheduled to occur next month.
According to SOFREP, the original MRZR was easily configurable to allow operators to quickly prepare for missions and tackle the most extreme terrain with maximum flexibility. However, the new vehicle possesses a turbo-charged diesel engine that has been designed to match the performance of the original MRZRs. MRZR is not an acronym but rather a designation code, according to a Polaris Spokesperson.
“These vehicles significantly enhance what would otherwise be foot mobility,” Brig. Gen. Brian Winski, deputy commander of the 82nd Airborne, told Bloomberg News. “They change the dynamic and turn what would have been a three-mile per hour operation into a 50-mile per hour operation.”
Per a report on, the troops of the 82 Airborne Division will be dropping with about 10 of their MRZR all-terrain vehicles made by Minnesota-based Polaris Defense. The four-seated vehicles are designed to give the paratroopers increased flexibility once they hit the ground.
“Swift Response will demonstrate the allies’ ability to respond to a crisis scenario from staging bases in both Europe and the U.S. within 18 hours of notification,” the Army said in a statement.
Polaris manufactures off-road vehicles like the MRZR-D at their plant in a Huntsville annex of Limestone County. Accoring to, the facility covers vehicle assembly, chassis and body painting, welding, fabrication and injection molding. In addition to a multi-shift manufacturing hub, the campus also features a research and development (R&D) center and distribution warehouse.
The full original content on the MRZR-D can be read at SOFREP and the

May 24th, 2016

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