Pretty soon, U.S. Special Forces will have a new way to get from point A to point B underwater. Lockheed Martin’s new “missile sub” will have the ability to carry Navy SEALS and other special operators into aquatic battle quickly.
According to a report from engadget, the missile sub will carry a team of six divers to an underwater location in a completely dry environment. Once the sub reaches its drop point, it can launch the dive team through an on-board airlock system.
Lockheed Martin is currently building three of the vehicles, which have a depth rating of 328 feet, a lock-out depth of 98 feet, and a top speed of 5 knots (or about 6 mph). The goal is to reduce the overall swim distance that special operators must travel to get to their desired location.
“The dry, one-atmosphere environment of these vehicles provides an alternative to traditional wet submersibles being used by the U.S. and international Special Forces communities today,” Lockheed Martin wrote in a statement, “and will deliver operators to their destination in better physical condition to complete a mission.”
Read the full original report on engadget’s website linked below.
(h/t engadget)

July 27th, 2016

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