Earlier this spring, one of America’s toughest marine dogs was awarded the highest honor that Great Britain has to offer. The PDSA Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, was awarded to Lucca, a German Shepherd who was in active service in Iraq and Afghanistan until her tragic accident.
While serving in Afghanistan in 2012, Lucca lost her leg when an IED exploded, leaving her with devastating burns that took her out of commission.
“She had her surgery and amazingly within 10 days she was walking around again,” her handler Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham. said. “The best part is that she has the same personality as she had before the blast.”
“She’s incredibly intelligent and loyal,” Willingham told ABC News. “You can really see her processing information, applying what she learned in a combat environment and be successful. I feel extremely fortunate.”
Lucca was tasked with locating explosives; a job that she did quite well. “Thousands of service members have come home because of the capabilities of our dogs,” Willingham said, “so it’s always great to see their actions on the battlefield being recognized.”
The full report from ABC News can be read on their website here.
(H/T ABC News)

May 16th, 2016

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