Say goodbye to Naval Sailors’ current uniforms. The so-called “aquaflage” is falling to the wayside staring on October 1 in favor of more traditional camouflage gear.
Unveiled back in 2008, the blue uniforms have faced criticism for being heavy and for using a color that didn’t make sense. The uniforms were also criticized for being prone to melting.
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement that sailors wanted uniforms that were “comfortable, lightweight” and “breathable.”
The new uniforms that will be issued are called Navy Working Uniform Type III, and you can read more about the details on them at the Navy Times’ website linked here.
“This change is the first step in a multi-phased process that will streamline and consolidate the Navy’s uniform requirements, and ultimately improve uniformity across the force,” the Navy press statement said.
You can read more about the changes in the full original report below.
(H/T The Navy Times)