The U.S. Military is returning to familiar territory to test some of its latest gear. Trekking through the jungles of Japan, the U.S. Marine Corps will soon put new fast-drying uniforms and boots to the test in intense Pacific conditions.
According to a lengthy report on the gear released by The Military Times, ReadyOne, a military garment manufacturer based in El Paso, Texas, provided the uniforms for the wear test. The company used various combinations of nine materials for different utility uniforms. Marines will test them all to determine which is lightest, quickest to dry, and able to withstand the rigors of jungle operations.
MT also reported that the Marine Corps bought 100 pairs of each of the four jungle boot prototype from four vendors: Original Footwear, Bates Footwear, Belleville Boot Company and Rocky Boots. The Marines participating in the wear test will provide written after-action surveys, and MARCORSYSCOM officials will conduct close inspections to gauge the quality of each boot.
For in-depth analysis on the technical specifics of the new equipment, read the full report from The Military Times that is linked below.
(H/T The Military Times)